Beyond Mac Daddy

The Final Bow?
The Final Bow?

Readers might remember that strange evening when Mac Daddy approached me urgently and posed for his portrait before quickly disappearing. I had a strange feeling about that encounter. Was Mac Daddy saying goodbye?

That was the last time we’ve seen him. What could have happened? Well, there are a number of fantasies and options to choose from. There is no doubt that 2013 is one of the most crowded and competitive gull scenes we’ve seen in many seasons. Tons of gulls, and thinner human crowds than usual. Perhaps Mac Daddy’s notoriety has attracted wanna-be, starry eyed gulls to the Northside in hope of getting photos of their antics on the Internet.

Whatever the case, that’s not a good situation for a chronic human scavenger like Mac Daddy. During the few weeks he was with with us, there were several scuffles involving numerous gulls each time he scored a bag of Cheezitz (TM) from an unsuspecting beach goer’s camp. Mac Daddy’s secret to success is 50% charm, and 50% stealth. There is no doubt that the huge crowds of other gulls were blowing Mac Daddy’s cover and his style. Slow fishing on the beach did not helped either. Mac Daddy’s breakfast most often consisted of stealing bait from our local fisherman.

He has probably found a theatre better suited for his feeding antics this season, probably right around the corner. After all, a gull ‘s gotta eat. Hopefully we’ll find him.

During the frantic searches, and the ups and downs of finding, then losing Mac Daddy, I’ve come to know some new friends of the beach-chicken variety this season. I’ve been hesitant to post them, feeling I’d come off as some cheap, two bit agent, trying to hawk and pimp new characters to fill the Mac Daddy Void. But as the Summer has unfolded, a few gulls are falling squarely into the “Friends of Reading’s From The Northside” camp, and their rich lives and personalities have captivated me. Their stories should be told.

They’ll be showing up in the Readings soon. Just wanted to pre-empt the “What Happened To Mac Daddy?” comments with some information, and assure sensitive & paranoid Readers that no one is trying to replace Mac Daddy.