Nasty Flashbacks

Remembering the bad 'ol days
Remembering the bad ‘ol days

Waking up to the foggy grey mess that is this morning might just seem like another unfortunate day and a chance to do some errands . But to those who lived through 4 weeks straight of this South dominated weather pattern in June and July, it sends fearful shivers down our spines as we remember all of the outdoor things we love to do being shut out by wickedly evil combinations of wind, rain, fog, and cold for days on end.

But help is on the way. We have a nice North West forecasted for Saturday, and then a direct flip around to South East on Sunday. If all goes well, that should clean things up very nicely. Even better, the surf forecast is shaping up to give us a well deserved, though tiny, little bump this weekend.

Pelican comin' in hot last evening
Pelican: comin’ in hot last evening