Monsters Of The Shallows

Monster Readings: Where you see a safe place for the young ones to swim, I see a visit to Southern Ocean Medical Center and a possible foot amputation. In the gorgeous low-tide tidepools we’ve been seeing, there was a dark shadow yesterday. On closer investigation it turned out to be a Monster Ray, with a tail almost 3 feet long.

You might remember these from last summer. These are not our typical, harmless, resident Cownose Ray that can number in the thousands. These are bottom dwelling monsters just waiting for you to step on them so they can bleed you in the low tide.

Fortunately, I was able to get enough video which, when combined with my “Portable Waterproof Guide to Sharks, Skates, & Rays of the Atlantic & Gulf of Mexico” and the process of elimination, is determined (by me) to be a “Southern Stingray”… somewhat rare in these parts, and definitely on the menu for sharks. But we’ll have to ask Jay “The Man” Mann for some input, because if Jay calls it, then I consider it true!