Birth Of The Hover Plover: Close Encounters With a Great Blue Heron

First some sad news: The Peli-cam died a tragic and shockingly untimely death last week filming some epic surfing at the Pipe. So sad. It was a lesson learned for the second time: civilian interruption is the #1 cause of transportation safety disasters.  The Peli-cam has yet to be recovered from the sea, which is a shame because her memory card is loaded with some of the best surfing aerial maneuvers she ever captured. Rest In Peace.

Now the good news: The “Hover Plover” has been born, named in honor of the adorable Piping Plover chicks who are currently fledging and catching some wind between those itty bitty wings.

While the Hover Plover is not ready for prime time, she took to the air this morning for some routine system tests, mostly to see if the itty bitty plover is now strong enough to carry the camera.  Luckily the camera was recording because something most strange happened… something most strange indeed.

A Green  Great Blue Heron, uncommon on the beaches of LBI came out of nowhere and “tried to be friends” with the tiny Hover Plover, circling her several times and coming in close to get a good look.  Sadly, the Hover Plover was not transmitting her video to me and was low on calories, so I could not focus on our Heron friend, but she did manage to pass the camera several times. A thrilling encounter. Enjoy.