Dead Dolphin Washing Up & Beaching Themselves on LBI

What’s wrong?

I know we have a POIDH (Pics or it didn’t happen) rule on Readings From The Northside , but a photo of dead Dolphin washing up on the shores of Long Beach Island is a shot I’m happy to miss. I’ve been holding off on a post about the situation until more info is available, but it’s time to say something about the dead Dolphin on LBI.

For those of you who missed this, we have had 7 Dolphin either wash up dead or beach themselves in the last few days. One was in Ocean City, and the rest were all on LBI. The 7th dead Dolphin washed up just this morning in North Beach. Other locations include Barnegat Light, Holgate, Brant, and Beach Haven Crest.

The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is investigating and toxicology reports should be available soon. There is a lot of speculation. But alert reader YatesCrew witnessed this morning’s wash up and passed on what the official on the scene told her. Allegedly, the Dolphin are dying from a disease they are passing amongst themselves, but the disease is communicable to humans and other animals. It is therefore very important that you avoid contact with and dead, injured, sick, beach, or even seemingly healthy Dolphin you see on Long Beach Island, or anywhere on the coast for that matter. But that is always the case anyway.

A Rest In Peace for those we’ve lost, and a Get Well Soon to those we can still love.