Night Crap: Crap Off A Crappy Day With A Crappy Video

You can skip this video unless you share this particular interest with me: I’ve long wanted to see an aerial view of a brutal northeast surf. You know the type… slopped up, messy, chaotic surf that is all white cap & roil and basically not worth entering unless you are comfortable traveling several beaches. It was a “red flag” day for sure.

Rain kept the Pelicam grounded during the high tide, which is what we really want to see, but the Pelicam was able to fly the afternoon low. Winds were 20 MPH so you’ll see a lot of strange warping from my attemptis to stabilize this otherwise vomit inducing piece of shaky film.

Overall, the Pelicam’s perspective does not show the drama of such a surf as you see it from the ground level. But for those interested in surf, you’ll catch a couple of interesting things in here including some incredibly long close outs, some noticeable incoming swells, and some monster rips. Plus, Billie Holiday is just sweet as can be.