What’s Hot In Shellin’: The Surf City Sand Dollar Sale Spectacular

Is this hello, or goodbye?
Perhaps the last good sun of the day comes first.

Alert Islanders ran to the beach this morning to spend some brief, quality time with our fried, The Sun. The Annoying South Wind joined us but we tuned her out for just a moment. The South Wind is surly winning some type of award for “Guest Who Most Overstayed Her Welcome” on LBI. Runner up is the Ice Cold Water she brought along with her through upwelling. It’s hard for our tiny brains to grasp the reality that the South Wind has been with us for a whole month.

Clouds, haze, sun, fog, rain, boom booms…. who know what kind of mess we’ll get today but a picture perfect beach day looks out of the question.

Oystercatcher enjoys a little breakfast in the little light afforded
Oystercatcher enjoys a little breakfast in the little light afforded.

But all is not lost because there is some HOT shellin’ action on the Northside of LBI. I’m talking Sand Dollars, like we’ve rarely seen them before. Hundreds of them: alive, dead, and mostly somewhere in between. We can most likely thank the massive beach replenishment efforts going on around the Island for dredging these up and spitting them out right at your toes. You’ll find them in a wide array of colors, sizes, and shapes to suit your personal tastes.

Collection of the collected: Sand Dollar Super Sale
Just a small sample of what longtime reader “AwesomeNeighbor” found in the low tide this week.

With low tide happening mid day, there are plentiful opportunities to stroll the low and hunt for Sand Dollars. A perfect crap-day activity for the whole family. Look north of the Surf City Beach Replenishment, but don’t expect them to be easy pickins. They are light so don’t wash up easily, instead preferring to hang just inside the tiny low tide shore break. Wading ankle deep and doing the old spot-n-grab should result in a fine haul.