In The Distance

What's That I (Can't) See?
What’s That I (Can’t) See?

Just 12 hours after last night’s epic whine about the winds, we’re reminded to be careful what you wish for. This AM we have nice light winds, perfect for flying the Pelicam, but the Island is fogged out. The waves might be phenomenal but you’ll have to paddle out first just to see.

And it’s a shame because today would be a great day to put our visual strengths to the test. Longtime Reader “Aunt Wendy” shared with us this little nugget:

Remember the olden days when we had to do exhaustive research to discover what the Katy Perry Platform was? Well, not anymore. lays it all out for us. Type in “Long Beach Island” and you’ll quickly identify all of the main dredging equipment you can see just off the Island at sea.

It will be curious to use this marvel of technology (yes, they have an iPhone app) to identify some of those strange, passing shapes on the horizon. Considering this led to some interesting questions. How far out to sea can we actually see from the beach, and how far is the horizon? Turns out the answer is all about height: your height. We’ll skip the fancy formula involving square roots and what-not because, clearly, Skool is Out for Summer. But suffice it to say it’s about half your height. So mommies and daddies see about 3 miles, and the kids see about 1.5. Or alternatively, you’ll see more if you stand up.

But will have to save this for another day as we wait for the fog to clear. An innovative version of hide & seek on the beach is more in order for a day like today.