Who Would Do Such A Thing?

Pirates. That's who.
Pirates. That’s who.

Who would do such a thing? Pirates, that’s who. This incident has all the hallmarks of Pirate behavior and ritual. When I first spied this morning’s thick fog I immediately took the Pirate readings which came back positive. Without getting too technical, local Pirates are known for their obsession Treasure (pronounced. TRAY-shore). They are so adept at collecting various Treasures, their collections outgrow the ability of their vessels to carry them so they find various Islands, including LBI, to bury the Treasure. Normally the Pirates would mark the burial site with a large “X” in the sand, drawn with the toe of their Pirate boots. But today’s strong south wind would surely blow the “X” away, so they apparently used something more substantial.

We continue with the relentless trend of South/Southwest winds. You never want any one wind trend to carry on for too long as the negative effects accumulate. After several days straight of this, the South blows strong even at sunrise, the current runs strong to the North and mangles all incoming swell, the beach gets hotter, and the humidity increases. Evening booms booms have kept things in check until last night when none arrived to break things up.

So we wait for something to come along and paint a new environment on the beach.