Birth Of The Pelicam

The Jersey Shore’s most tragic transportation disaster, the Epic Drone Crash, left me destitute, penniless, dazed, and confused. You’ve probably noticed the really uninspired posts, like the Sand Castle Competition yesterday. Thankfully, necessity is the mother of invention. Down on my luck, depressed, and with nothing to drone, I started beach combing for broken clam shells when I saw the first Pelican I’ve seen this season (Pelican, where are you?) That’s when it hit me. A Pelican would make the perfect drone for our purposes. Long story short, after some quick negotiations, I promised this young Pelican 6 Islander Burgers from Woodies, a Johnny Cake, 8 King Smoothies from Livin’ on The Veg, a dozen Marvels Donuts, 3 dinners at the Mud City Crab House, and a “fish”. In exchange I get to strap some transmitters, cameras, and GPS devices to him.

The Pelicam is not quite ready to fly our missions, still poops on the camera too often, and we’re still awaiting some parts from TaoBao, the Chinese Ebay. But after this afternoon’s Thunderswell there was a break in the wind, so what the heck: a chance to fly our first flight .

Buoys and gulls, I introduce the “Pelicam”. The name was clearly stolen from longtime reader “Louis Larger Bear” and happily replaces the politically charged and heavily loaded word “Drone”.

Sorry to those cruel & insensitive readers who voted 5 stars on the Epic Drone Crash post. There will be no escaping a full summer of dull, amateur, aerial videos with questionable soundtracks.