An Epic Catastrophe: The Drone is Dead. Long Live the Drone, Part Deux

It is with great sadness I bring you the news that the Drone II was involved in a catastrophic accident this morning and did not survive. On a brilliant morning, the Summer Solstice, our beloved drone was out doing what she was born to do, flying with the Dolphin. A basic location disorientation combined with the fact that all jetties look the same caused her beloved pilot to become extremely confused. When she was recovered she was upside down, half buried in the sand, being lapped by the waves she loved to film.

Some footage was retrieved and reviewed with long time reader “Southsider”, Air Force kingpin and transportation safety expert. He confirmed her accidental and tragic demise read like the template for most transportation related accidents. Sadly, Southsider’s offer to discuss and roll play various catastrophic scenarios for pilot preparedness came one day too late.

Many readers will remember last summer’s quick and tragic demise of the first drone. It should give us tremendous hope that that lame drone was reborn as our beloved current, more powerful drone. She will be missed. But we can smile and heal knowing she is up there, somewhere, droning us all.