Taking home a party favor from the Ospreypalooza
Taking home a party favor from the Ospreypalooza this morning

Osprey Season. With so many itty-bitty baby Osprey back at the nests, mom and dad have to hunt like crazy to keep up. It takes half a catch of bunker just to replenish the calories expended to head out to the sea in the first place. That’s why there is nothing sadder than seeing an adult Osprey head back over the Island empty taloned.

This June we appear to have Osprey in epic numbers. This morning I counted 8 Osprey hunting over a single beach, at the same time. The camera was certainly outnumbered. Last night (no joke) an Osprey flew right by my window, with catch, so close I screamed and dropped a Mario’s meatball in my lap.

I’ll venture a guess as to why the skies are so thick with Osprey this season. It is well documented that Hurricane Sandy wiped out the rodent/small mammal population of the Jersey Shore in a single day… and the large birds, specifically the red tailed hawks, abandoned the coast in huge numbers because of the lack of food. Could this absence of other large apex birdies be making more room for Osprey?

Whatever the reason we have the perfect setup for posting a grotesque number or gratuitous Osprey shots on Readings From The Northside. Yeah!  If you’re interested in seeing this magnificent and terrifying monsters up close, this is your chance. They are not just hunting the sea… they are hunting the beach, the dune, and even the Boulevard.