Holgate & North Beach Grab-N-Go (TM) Friday!

Holgate & North Beach: Unlikely Bedfellows

High fives and hugs all around for Northsiders & Southsiders. It’s on. Read all about it:


North Beach & Holgate are like the sad little twins of the LBI family. We should consider changing the name to Readings From The Northside & The Extreme Southside.

Northside? Southside? It don't matter. Holgate & North Beach. Peace.
Northside? Southside? It don’t matter. Holgate & North Beach. Peace.

Overdoing It With The Mac Daddy Recon

I really did not want to, but long time Reader Aunt Wendy has forced my hand by asking :

Do you really think Mac Daddy would team up with the flock of seagulls? He’s such a loner usually.

Aunt Wendy, you’re correct. Mac Daddy would never hang out mid beach with a bunch of Black Back Gulls, and he is almost certainly not in that flock. I simply mentioned the flock for simplicity and also to hide just how obsessively & carefully I studied this video. Mac Daddy is actually suspected to be sitting a-top the Jetty where he normally hunts & hangs. If you watch the video in full HD,  you can see a juvenile Herring Gull higher up on the berm at 49 seconds. I’m pretty sure that is Cheezball: Mac Daddy’s youngest who is a little bit slower and almost always hangs at that spot  whining & waiting for Mac Daddy  and the siblings to catch something. It is somewhat safe to assume that the gull on top of the pilings is Mac Daddy himself, unless he is down in the north corner of the Jetty. He usually will not allow other gulls to hunt the north corner. With the newly exposed pilings allowing Mac Daddy to sit like the King On A Throne that he is, I’m sure he is obsessed and not letting any other gulls near that sweet spot.

Cheezball for sure, Mac Daddy Most Likely.
Cheezball for sure, Mac Daddy Most Likely.