Is Official: Grab-n-Go (TM) Tomorrow, but No Holgate & No North Beach

Get ready for action. Gas up the car, pick some good tunes, make some lists, grab a video camera, bring your own water and food. Unless you’re lucky enough to live in North Beach or Holgate, you can head back for Grab-n-Go (TM) tomorrow between 7AM & 3PM. The official instructions are here:


The server there is a little slow, probably because of so many people downloading. I have put a backup copy here if the link does not work for you. 

Please review CRY NOW: Preparing to Preserve Your Causeway Experience and Pre-pare to Re-Pair.

Make sure you have your emergency pass. Just for fun I just inspected mine. It simply says “NORTH: North Beach and North”. Unfortunately, it does not sound like any North Beachers will be able to sneak in pretending they are from Barnegat Light. You also need a proof of residence like your deed, etc. Still, anyone heading north will have to drive though North Beach. Please throw us a bone! Drive slowly; pull a Chinese Fire Drill; stop to puke; do whatever you have to do to get a peek and report back. If I get a chance I’ll be posting my Readings on what we’re probably looking at in North Beach and you might be able to confirm the areas hit hardest.

Hey, remember the 4th of July? LBI is the best place in the world to be.
Hey, remember the 4th of July? LBI is the best place in the world to be.

Bonus video for a taste of the sweet memories that make it all worthwhile: