LBI’s Natural Gas Problems & Issues

Now that Hurricane Sandy’s flood waters are leaving Long Beach Island, and electricity is being restored, Natural Gas remains as the big, urgent issue. With seemingly endless reports of leaks on the Island (1,300 reportedly repaired already by NJNG) the only way to get the electric on safely was to shut down gas to the Island completely. This was supposedly done yesterday in a number of areas along the coast.

Fire is a huge risk here and I don’t think anyone wants to imagine the feeling of having your home, freshly spared from a flood, burned to the ground. There are rumors out there that the main pipelines serving the Island have been polluted/damaged by sand/seawater. That’s an awful scenario as we head into winter. We’d have to assume, if this were the case, that an announcement would be forthcoming and arrangements made for homeowners to shut down their water, somewhat urgently, as the first big freeze could happen anytime now. I’m pretty sure that emergency replacement of core Natural Gas infrastructure would be a multi-month job. I really doubt this is the case though. It seems most probable that the gas issues are isolated to smaller areas and can be dealt with.

And so we wait. Hopefully the rumors are just that (rumors) and they cut the gas to safely restore the electric and finish some repairs. There are many encouraging reports of electricity, and even cable/Internet, flowing in spots around the Island.

Dolphins Mating
Hey, remember when we saw full-frontal Dolphin nudity during the summer?