Jay Mann Resurfaces

For those of you who don’t know of Jay “the Mighty” Mann, he is the editor of the Sandpaper and knower of all things Long Beach Island. Jay’s blog, http://jaymanntoday.ning.com, made it clear he would be riding out the storm just like he rode out Irene. I personally refrained from sending him panic-y, scolding emails trying to dissuade him on Sunday even though I felt like it. Truth is, I wanted him around and believe Jay has earned the right to act outside the rules.

Jay went dark Sunday night and once again I had to refrain from panic-y emails. The truth is, I was uncommonly sure that Jay was just fine and was probably up to great things. You see, his blog runs on donations and for some reason this summer I felt strangely compelled to send him a GoPro camera in lieu of a donation, probably because he kept blogging about getting one and never did. This guy is the true master of Island history.

In an email exchange just last month, Jay said:

By the by, I’m a history buff and I’d like to do some sort of lengthy video recording of LBI — just a slow drive along the Boulevard — recording all the shops, landmarks, sights and hoi polli. A hundred years from now that’ll be mesmerizing for future folks to watch, especially if LBI goes under.

Please Jay, tell us you did that. It would be mesmerizing for us NOW.

Alert Reader Aunt Wendy alertly alerted my that Jay had resurfaced, in dramatic fashion. This is a must see and must hear video, even if only to catch a glimpse of Jay Mann at his finest:

Video of Hurricane Sandy at Its Peak Force in Ship Bottom, N.J.

I strongly encourage everyone to support Jay in his efforts at preserving Island history. It was Jay who unearthed this classic 8mm footage of the ’62 storm and made sure it got digitized and web-i-fied to keep Island history alive and available. Jay accepts PayPal donations through his site. It sounds like Jay lost his home & his car… but he didn’t lose his GoPro, his love of LBI, and his passion for preserving the memories for us.