High Fives & Hugs

It’s a little early to call it but it looks like Hurricane Sandy did not punch LBI in the face as much as she spit in it: a lot. Looks like we’re going to be OK. A drastic speed increase in the storm caused Sandy to make an official landfall just south of Long Beach Island a few critical hours before high tide. Every hour counts when you’re dealing with dune breaching.

I too was inundated today: with photos of Island Inundation. While it certainly looks floody & scary, it also looks like we can shine Long Beach Island up like a new penny. I certainly recommend anyone with property get down there for a thorough inspection ASAP. Mold is one of the most heinous parts of flood damage, and speed is the key to mitigating it.

I personally am all smiles right now. Don’t get me wrong: this is a crappy event, and will probably continue its crappiness for a bit, even increasing its crappiosity. Tomorrow will start to reveal the extent of the damage. I’m sure there is some ugly stuff going on.

But it is not the unmitigated disaster that it could have been, and for that, we’re thankful. We can handle this.

High fives & hugs all around.