Mandatory Evacuation For LBI

Officially, Governor has decided to sweep the beach for Monday issuing a Mandatory Evacuation for all barrier islands, from Sandy Hook on south. That’s two evacuations in less than two years. Exciting stuff.

Now would be a good time to dig up those emergency passes they issued a few years back to help get you back, in the event that getting back is the hard part. I would not leave the Island without that pass, just in case.

So if you need to go down to prep anything, get hustling. Remember that the 4:00 PM Sunday cutoff time is when they won’t let you on the Island. You can get off as late as you’d like (as I remember from Irene).

Bonus tips: if you have an elevator, be sure to park it on the second floor. And it never hurts to fill a bathtub with water to use for toilet flushing & what-not.

And if you’re looking for a hotel and have pets, all Sheraton-brand hotels take pets if you call their main line (not the hotel desk who might try to blow you off) and ask politely.