PLEASE BE A DUD: Hurricane Sandy (Frankenstorm) and Long Beach Island

Please be a dud. It is too hard these days to separate the hype from the forecast. Luckily I have a background in hurricane landfall forecasting. Hurricane Sandy’s track is a track you don’t like to see, but that does not mean it won’t be a dud. It’s just a bad set up. Drat.

If LBI is within your reach it’s certainly worth doing a little prep for Frankenstorm. If you’re a surfer best of luck catching some action off the front and back of Hurricane Sandy. Poor weather could cloud both the arrival and departure of the swell unfortunately.

I fear for the beach. We were spoiled by lush mega beaches in 2012 and this storm could easily spoil that for 2013, even if it just gives the winter-storm-beach-eating a jump start.

If things turn sour, Reading From The Northside will happily function as a tabloid of doom & destruction.

Mac Daddy, if you read this, do some prep for the Cheezitz. Birds have it about as rough as you think they do in harsh storms.