The Final Reading

How could it have come so quickly? I’m not sure if I am ready to call it “The Most Evil Day Of The Year”, but hyperbole is my thing, so there you have it. Today is the Autumnal Equinox, the official end of Summer 2012 and the close of the Summer 2012 Readings From The Northside. The Most Evil Day Of The Year.

This was a Summer that will be hard to top, at least through the camera lens: jumping sharks, whales, glow in the dark sand crabs, Mac Daddy having babies, Dolphin penis… these are just a few of my favorite things and we saw them all in just one summer. What else could possibly be awaiting us?

It was a magical Summer on LBI, and I choose that word carefully, because it was pure magic. Clearly, Long Beach Island is not a place; it is a living thing. If you paid just the slightest bit of attention, it was not hard to feel directly that you are are a part of the Island and that the Island is a part of you, and to sense the inexplicable, though highly tangible, connection we humanz have to the sea and the creatures who hang around it. Some might feel it when they ride a wave, some when a fish strikes their bait, some when they see a Dolphin breach, some when they find a monster hunk of sea glass; some when they see the sun rise over the the sea, others when it sets over the bay. It does not matter what angle it comes to you from. What matters is that these lives of ours are unnecessarily brief, complicated, painful, and mysterious. While the Island does not hand out the answers to our deeper questions, it does somehow make all the questions seem less important, even if only for a moment. An in those moments you can catch a glimpse of something astoundingly awesome, comforting, and beautiful.

Let’s hope that glimpse is enough to carry us through whatever darknesses are waiting to spook us in the depths of Winter, and deliver us safely to Summer 2013.

It’s been an absolute pleasure bringing you the Readings this summer.Cheers!

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