Go Ahead: LOL @ My Shark & Whale Pics From Today

I know what you're thinking... "He can't be serious"
SHARK! I know what you’re thinking… “Surely, you can’t be serious”

Darn right I’m serious, and stop calling me Shirley.  I consider this an important photo for the Readings. While I’ve seen sharks underwater nearshore on my paddleboard this season, and photographed sharks jumping out of the water this season, this is the first shark I’ve shot from on shore… it was about 20 feet from the beach. If it was in fact a shark. Sadly, I was shooting with a wide angle lens when this monster popped up. I ran to my stuff to switch lenses as quickly as possible but this large fish was submerging just as I returned. But I was pleased beyond measure that I at least got SOMETHING, the very tippy top of the dorsal fin just before it was gone, so I’m sharing it with you. Based on the dorsal fin and bit of tail fin I saw, I would estimate this beast to have been about 4 feet. Just in case you missed it:

You're going to need a bigger boat
You’re going to need a bigger boat

According to Jay Mann, we have more sharks this season than we’ve had in 40 years. He’s right. He also has mentioned to watch closely in the late season as the sharks fatten up for migration. They should start feeding a little more… aggressively.

Coming up next in horribly lame nature photography, We Got Whale! Sadly, this large beast was extremely far out. This initial breach caused a splash far out at sea that was hard to miss. Quick on the draw, I was able to get the dorsal fin just as it dove. I’m pretty sure we are looking at a Humpback here.

We're gonna need a bigger ocean
We’re gonna need a bigger ocean

Whale Watching remains in full effect. That’s 3 Whales I’ve seen in the past week, plus a few others reported on LBI. Keep your eyes on the horizon! Just in case your interested in what something like this looks like from shore…

LBI Whale Watch: Splash!
LBI Whale Watch: Splash!

Happy hunting.