Gigglefoot, What A Feeling!

WARNING: If you are either too young or too old to remember the classic summertime trash flick Flashdance, you may want to skip the following video entirely. If you are in the right age range and remember this piece of ridiculous Americana, enjoy! Heck, some of you may have seen this film at the Colony 4 in Brant Beach back in the day.

In the end, this movie is another result of the incredible bloom of Coquina Clams we’re seeing on Long Beach Island this summer. These tiny, colorful little doo-dads are responsible for supporting the abundance of cownose rays, spot croaker, and now “Gigglefoot” we are seeing on Long Beach Island. (note: Gigglefoot might sound scientific, but I made it up)

Without further ado, I present Gigglefoot: What a Feeling!